• Gillian Parague

5 things you actually CAN do while working from home

Let's face it, for the last year we have been constantly reminded of all the things we can't do because of the pandemic.

On top of that, working from home has become a rude awakening for many of us who once daydreamed of lounge pants and avoiding commute.

We've become overrun with back-to-back video calls and shorter timelines - all with the expectation to be as productive as possible. It's a lot.

But hey, 'good vibes' is all about acknowledging what's not so great and leaning into what we are grateful for.

So here's a list of some things we CAN do while working from home.

1. Create your own schedule

Here's to no one being able to walk up to your desk unannounced (lol)

  • Plan your tasks based on when you're most productive (Consultant mode)

  • Set specific days for meetings or calls so you can have 'deep work' days

  • Set alarms for breaks

2. Reclaim your time

The "prove-you-are-working" anxiety is real but you have to separate your work and personal time. You are not a robot.

  • Create a list of personal to-dos for the week

  • Schedule at least one thing you can look forward to eg. yoga, virtual link-up with friends, etc.

3. Go outside

No, you don't need a perfectly planned exercise routine or large space. Just get some fresh air.

  • Take a short walk

  • Do a nature challenge. Take a photo of something new outside every week and swap with friends for fresh views.

4. Have a nap

Yes I'm serious! How many times have you felt sleepy after lunch?

Well now you can take a cat nap in your own bed...but be sure to set an alarm. Bye bye sick bay.

5. Actually end your day and enjoy 'me time'

As much as it doesn't feel like it, we still have control of our space.

Be deliberate about ending at a specific time and putting away your work items. This will signal to your brain that the work day is over.

Yes, I know there's more work to do but both YOU and the quality of your work will suffer if you don't honour your boundaries.

Keep trying, keep adapting but most importantly keep taking care of yourself.

Good Vibes,


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