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Life is not a race

Updated: Jun 20

More often than not, we feel like we are running a race.

A race to:

  • Finish work in record time and go above and beyond

  • Absorb each moment with the ones we love

  • Hit every so-called ‘life goal’


Our default response when someone asks “how are you?” is to say we’re tired.

In the week, we anxiously await the weekend and on the weekend we dread Monday morning. This is our never-ending cycle.

We’re moving so quickly that sometimes we don’t even feel the breaths we take or taste the food we eat.

I would catch myself in this cycle every now and again but I thought it was just the ‘planner’ in me. I'm just so efficient that I must accomplish everything, letting not even a hair off or problem left unsolved.

But this super "project management" of every moment of life is exhausting.


Feeling completely thrown when things don’t go my way is exhausting. Perfectionism is exhausting. Especially, since I keep learning that there seems to be “no perfect in this whole world”, according to Ziva. Not in work, leadership, running a country or even relationships.

No perfect in this WHOLE world.

So what does that mean for a recovering perfectionist and highly celebrated planner?

It means that I now have to accept that there is beauty and progress on the journey itself, it’s not always about the end goal.


Sadé has taught me that there is value in iterations. Some days this is easier to accept than others, especially when getting it right the first time has always been your claim to fame.

At the end of it, all I want is to become more comfortable with the non-ideal state, which as we can see, is pretty much ALL the time.

So are ideals bad then? Should we not have standards and deadlines?

No, ideals and plans are good. They help to fuel the vision but the reality isn’t as clear-cut. So instead of holding onto them for dear life, we can use them as a guide.


*Takes a deep breath*. We are safe, we are capable and have the power to design our lives.

It's ok to pause, rest and restart. Life is not a race.

Good Vibes, Gill

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