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Look Up

Updated: Jun 20

I’m inside a little cafe on Hicks Street, Brooklyn and I see a baby girl and her Dad sitting outside. The baby girl has bright red hair and is so expressive. I can’t help watch her watch everything else lol.

She told her Dad to look up and obediently he followed, with as much curiosity as she had. This got me thinking…maybe children come not for us to take care of them, but for them to keep us curious and help us appreciate the things that our adult minds have grown passed.

By the time we start thinking of having children, we have already been exposed to some of the not-so-great things of life and economic pressures. Not to mention the pressures that come with having children themselves. Maybe the cycle of life knew we would need some little (and super cute) kids to tell us to “look up!” and appreciate the things we take for granted.

I’ll take that message too, little red head. So as you move through each day trying to do as much as you can, remember to stop, breathe and look up.💛

Good Vibes,


📷: Photo by me ✨

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